Friday, August 20, 2010

The Garden Dwellers

Sometimes I almost forget that my dogs are dogs. Two of our dogs, Chanel and Tobit were loitering in front of the window and Chanel stared at me. Her characteristics are: bodacious, elegant, sensitive, and the nicest dog out of the pack. I thought of her characteristics and what she might have been thinking as she stared at me and then she lifted her hind leg and started scratching her face. I was sort of taken aback because at that moment I forgot she was a dog until she did that. Ha! I love dogs and I don't care what anyone says.

I bought this the other day and it is good! It is some Korean uh...thing...I don't know what to call it in English. I just know you call it meesootgaru. It's a powder and you mix it into water or soymilk and you can drink it as a cold or hot beverage. I usually don't like meesootgaru because it tastes like...grainy soy nut or other nut milk. But this one was sweet and had actual pieces of nuts in it so it was crunchilicious!!! Pretty yummy and there was no need to add extra sugar.

This is our pumpkin. It looks really pretty but I hope it grows us some pumpkin!

I neglected my mint and so it shriveled up and died. I thought it was a goner and just left it there but my sister was watering it everyday behind my back, hoping it would come back and it did! It's alive!!

Our backyard. The big thing in the back is the hen house. We have 4 hens! I can't believe they lived. Actually, I can't believe we even have chickens at all! Can't wait till they lay eggs! Sigh...they are going to be the most expensive eggs we will ever eat. They better be good, my little pretties!! They are still teens though and are just going through the puberty stage. Their bawkaking is in between chirps and mini bawks. I wish they would continue to chirp though because it's a little quieter and cuter and I don't want my neighbors to freak out or anything. Chickens are legal in my city but you never know with neighbors.

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