Saturday, August 28, 2010

My hen is a rooster?!

Yesterday I sadly found out one of our wonderful chickens who we thought was a hen was actually a rooster all along! I'm so sad because she or...he was so cute! His tail feather is starting to get tall and he made a funny noise yesterday like a kazoo or a small trumpet.


I wouldn't mind keeping him but roosters are not allowed in my town. Nopity nope nope. "Not allowed!" says the law. Therefore, I must give him away. Good bye love! Good bye!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thrift Stores!!

This bean is from my scarlet bean runner. That plant really gave me lots of surprises because I didn't know how tall it would grow and I think if I gave it more pole to climb it would have kept going. The flowers from it were also very beautiful to see. Then the plant started to die and I thought that was the end of it but it gave me bean pods!! So pretty!!

I have been inspired to pick up sewing again because of a really cool lady who decided to pay only a buck for a piece of clothing at thrift stores, garage sales, etc, and turn it into something awesome!
Sewing and I aren't really the best of friends. I just don't understand sewing. Sewing doesn't understand me. But I continue to try to make our relationship work because sewing is just so awesome!!!! So, I went to the thrift store the other day too and got me some clothes!!

My model looks quite silly in these pictures because I was trying to catch her in the middle of a jump but I always caught her after or before she jumped... booo on me. Oh well. These are the dresses I bought. I hope to turn them into aprons because we need more of them. I was hoping something that Anne of Green Gables wore...but that seems kind of hard at the moment. Off to sewing!!~~

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fail Sunday Grilling

Yesterday I attempted to cook on the grill by myself. That wasn't a problem because I had all the food prepped to cook on the grill. The only issue and it will always be the only issue, is getting the grill started. I told my sister not to get any lighter fluid because everyone says it gives a nasty taste if used wrong. So, I said, "Just coal. No lighter fluid. I'm gonna do this naturally." And then there I the backyard...with my dried pine needles, one pine cone, and the briquettes. Did it start? Well, the pine needles caught fire and burned...out. So I tried sticking in some scratch paper and lit that. That burned but didn't do anything to the briquettes. I went online and someone said, if desperate, use vegetable oil on the papers. So I did and it sort of burned longer but still not good enough. Close to being an hour and all I had were a bunch of small bits of flames here and there and lots of continuous smoke. Every time I heard a fire truck and sirens I was so scared it was for me. I was going to give up because it was close to 3pm and I had to get to my cousin's birthday party. But my dad wasn't home and we couldn't leave our mom alone so I just kept at it. Dad finally arrived and all I still had was smoke. But he had to leave for another appointment and then yelled at us to stop that smoke. So...that is how my day ended. End.
I am currently in the process of ordering a chimney starter. I pray pray pray it will work.
Since grilling was not going to happen I just cooked up the chicken and vegetables in the oven.

And then I made fail mac and cheese. It was too dry. Eww ew ewewew....ew. Ended up just heating it up again individually in the oven with milk in it. Sort of helped.

I should have said this on Aug. 20 but its better late than never, right?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3 Nature's birthday "balloons" from my backyard. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Garden Dwellers

Sometimes I almost forget that my dogs are dogs. Two of our dogs, Chanel and Tobit were loitering in front of the window and Chanel stared at me. Her characteristics are: bodacious, elegant, sensitive, and the nicest dog out of the pack. I thought of her characteristics and what she might have been thinking as she stared at me and then she lifted her hind leg and started scratching her face. I was sort of taken aback because at that moment I forgot she was a dog until she did that. Ha! I love dogs and I don't care what anyone says.

I bought this the other day and it is good! It is some Korean uh...thing...I don't know what to call it in English. I just know you call it meesootgaru. It's a powder and you mix it into water or soymilk and you can drink it as a cold or hot beverage. I usually don't like meesootgaru because it tastes like...grainy soy nut or other nut milk. But this one was sweet and had actual pieces of nuts in it so it was crunchilicious!!! Pretty yummy and there was no need to add extra sugar.

This is our pumpkin. It looks really pretty but I hope it grows us some pumpkin!

I neglected my mint and so it shriveled up and died. I thought it was a goner and just left it there but my sister was watering it everyday behind my back, hoping it would come back and it did! It's alive!!

Our backyard. The big thing in the back is the hen house. We have 4 hens! I can't believe they lived. Actually, I can't believe we even have chickens at all! Can't wait till they lay eggs! Sigh...they are going to be the most expensive eggs we will ever eat. They better be good, my little pretties!! They are still teens though and are just going through the puberty stage. Their bawkaking is in between chirps and mini bawks. I wish they would continue to chirp though because it's a little quieter and cuter and I don't want my neighbors to freak out or anything. Chickens are legal in my city but you never know with neighbors.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chicken Lemon Quesedilla Recipe

Wow...its been a while since my last post...
This post is a recipe that I made the other day for my mom and I just wanted to remember it because I just winged it and it came out pretty good!

-1 boneless chicken breast
-1/2 lemon
-1/2 bell pepper
-1/2 cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese
-1/2 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese
-1/4 cup of thinly sliced onions
-2 whole grain tortillas

for those who have stomach acid problems:
1. set oven to 350 deg and roast bell pepper for 40 min or until its soft enough that the peel will come off easy.
peel the bell pepper and slice thinly.
2.beat chicken breast with mallet to soften it and squeeze lemon juice onto it. slice thinly.
3.heat up a frying pan and put some olive oil. put in the onion slices and cook. when slightly brown stick in the bell pepper slices.
4.put in the chicken slices and sprinkle some salt and pepper and cook till done.
5. take out this mixture on a separate plate.
6. clean pan with water and paper towel and place one tortilla.
7. mix the two cheese together and place half of the mixture onto the tortilla
8. put back the mixture on top of the cheese and then add the rest of the cheese
9. put the second tortilla and then cook till cheese melts and flip so other side can get nice and toasty too!
10. take out, slice, and eat!