Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Annoucing my Giveaway on the tube!

This is my first video of me actually talking...its pretty much a fail ahha! oh well! take a look! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Introducing the Giveaway! - BumblecatSoapCo

I am going to introduce the giveaway now. Yay! My giveaways will be giveaway/feature of the seller. So, the first giveaway item is from BumblecatSoapCo. Her shop is a family business and I could tell you more about her shop but wouldn't it be better hearing it from her? :)

"...we started making soaps back in 2003 and mainly sold them to friends and coworkers and occasionally did craft shows or special orders (wedding showers, parties, etc.) We only have the etsy site now though and never had a physical store. I was a full-time social worker back when we started and am now a stay-at-home mom. Now that our daughter is getting older and I found I have a little more free time, I decided to open our etsy shop. Family includes our WHOLE family :) --- my husband, daughter (4), and me, both sets of our parents, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. We keep everyone well-stocked in soap!"

This is her shop site:

These two items from her store will be the giveaway prize! One winner shall get both wonderful gifts!! :)

3 Sweet Gingham Scented Acorns-

Winner will get to choose the fragrance they like and the list of fragrances can be found here:

Handmade Olive Oil and Shea Soap --- Pumpkin Lavender

This giveaway starts tomorrow Wednesday, May 26 till next Wednesday, June 2.
This will be run like a lottery. Winner will be chosen from Winner will be announced on Thursday, June 3.

Rules for the giveaway:

1. Follow my blog.
2. Leave a comment telling me what your favorite fruit is and anyway I can contact you.
3. Only comment once.
4. Must live in the USA or Canada.

Yay!!! Have a good day guys!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Boring Cornflakes - The Young Ones - BBC

I love youtube.

First Giveaway Coming Soon!!

I will be starting my first giveaway soon!! But I need more followers! Spread the word! Most of my giveaways will be from people who are new sellers and who are just as talented as the big guys out there, but have yet to be discovered. So go tell your buddies and come and hope to win! :)

Charlie and Lola

I know this show is a kid's show, but they are so cute!! I watch this all the time along with Arthur... Is there something wrong with a 23 year old girl watching these kiddie shows? Of course not!! Hogwash! 'Tis perfectly normal, thank you very much! ;)

And just...crazy...I still don't what color is the moving diamond really?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

39 Steps play

I want to thank my cousins for taking me to watch one of the best plays I have ever seen. I recently watched the play 39 Steps directed by Maria Aitken. It is adapted from Alfred Hitchcock's film The 39 Steps. The play carries the mystery and drama as the good old Hitchcock puts into his films but the play adds lots of great witty comedy and it takes your imagination to a whole other level that you never thought it could go!
The play only has 4 actors and they all play many different characters, most of them at one time! They use very limited amount of props, but that is where your imagination kicks into full gear and takes you into their world. Someone who just entered the theater might just see 4 people sitting on some boxes rocking back and forth, but to the viewers in the crowd watching, the whole stage has transformed into a full on train with windows, rooms, and seats. They see that the speed of the train racing on the tracks is naturally rocking these characters back and forth as they sit or try to walk around. Instead of 4 actors they see 6 different characters all at once trying to catch the protagonist, Richard Hannay, as he leads them on a thrilling police chase as they run and jump from one train car to the next.

It was indeed, surprisingly, a very awesome play. I really did not expect this at all and did not know anything at all about The 39 Steps. If this play comes around where you are, you should definitely check it out. This is a play that is very underrated and should have more Tony Awards.

I watched it in LA at the Ahmanson Theater and the cast info is below. Unfortunately, they are no longer in Los Angeles anymore but I think they still have one more show left on their tour schedule in Baltimore, Maryland. Check it out if you are in that area!

Official link:

Here is the link to watch the original Alfred Hitchcocks film

My first Youtube Video is up!!

So, finally, I finished making my youtube video!! Yay!! It took forever just for those quick 1 minute and 57 some seconds. Man!! Imagine all the time it takes and all the different people it takes to make films!!! Actually, I had help from my sister who did most of the work because I didn't know how to use Imovie on the Mac. Hahaha...enslave my sister I did. :) Yay! Enjoy! I hope to make more soon!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

new glue arrived today!

EPOXY 330!

This seems to be the glue that most jewelers use so I bought it and am trying it out...

Lots of tests....
hope this one works!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Search for the Right Glue...

I have been trying to find the right glue for my jewelry, especially stud earrings. So far I have tried a super glue called "INSTA-CURE+ Cyanoacrylate" and "G-S HYPO CEMENT" and both so far have failed me...I just bought "DAZZLE TAC" and I sure hope that one works...arg... >(

Saturday, May 8, 2010

my business cards and my first featured!

So I got my free business cards from today and I went to USC with my friend to pick up her cap and gown. We saw a bulletin board and so I went to go post up my cards. I looked around to see what building I was near and just so happened to be the college of ENGINEERING. Just perfect... -.-

Also, I took photoshoots of my earrings with my friend and it was so exhausting!!!
Yesterday we went to San Diego to pick up my sister and also take photos at the beach. We went to Dana Point and the background and lighting was so beautiful but the wind! I forgot about the wind! My earrings kept swishing around and my friend's hair kept swishing around difficult. But we managed to get some shots at the beach. It was worth it because having someone wearing the earrings really makes a lot of difference. Some of my earrings look just plain when its just hanging there or sitting there. But when it is in use the earrings look great! Yay!!

Thanks Jane!! ;) <3

Now for my next model victim....Helen...muahhahaha!!! ....

Also, I was featured in Orange Blossoms blog!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my first buyer!!

Today or rather now, yesterday, I had my very first buyer!! I am soooo psyched out!! I just finished packing it. She purchased my chillax earrings and because I was so happy and grateful, I have given her a free gift!
The free gift is a feather brooch. (post pics of it later)I am still trying to fine tune my skills with brooches and feathers...furry things they are...but fun!!! fascination!!!! o.o haahaha!! Well, she is all the way in rhode island and I have made the envelope out of a paper bag and it is filled with shredded newspaper. And the earrings and brooch are wrapped in scrap fabric and yarn. All recycled and a happy day for everyone! I hope. I'm actually a little paranoid bc I have not yet tried sending anything with newspaper filling and I am scared the brooch might not survive... :( I hope it does. I have tried my best to stuff that envelope with newspaper and keep the stuff cushioned but also so that it wont ruin the earrings and brooch. Oh and I didn't know that paypal took off money from my sales....hmmm...rada....oh well!! I hope that I gain more customers!! Yay to the future!!! Now to sleep...3:18AM...-.-;

Monday, May 3, 2010


so my sister can't find my charger for my camera...which means i have to continue to use my dad's phone to take my etsy pictures. but he isn't always home when the lighting is just right to take the pictures!! arg.....rada... :(

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Garden Pig

Yay!!!! I have opened up a new shop!!!

also a twitter:

and a facebook: