Saturday, May 8, 2010

my business cards and my first featured!

So I got my free business cards from today and I went to USC with my friend to pick up her cap and gown. We saw a bulletin board and so I went to go post up my cards. I looked around to see what building I was near and just so happened to be the college of ENGINEERING. Just perfect... -.-

Also, I took photoshoots of my earrings with my friend and it was so exhausting!!!
Yesterday we went to San Diego to pick up my sister and also take photos at the beach. We went to Dana Point and the background and lighting was so beautiful but the wind! I forgot about the wind! My earrings kept swishing around and my friend's hair kept swishing around difficult. But we managed to get some shots at the beach. It was worth it because having someone wearing the earrings really makes a lot of difference. Some of my earrings look just plain when its just hanging there or sitting there. But when it is in use the earrings look great! Yay!!

Thanks Jane!! ;) <3

Now for my next model victim....Helen...muahhahaha!!! ....

Also, I was featured in Orange Blossoms blog!!

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