Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my first buyer!!

Today or rather now, yesterday, I had my very first buyer!! I am soooo psyched out!! I just finished packing it. She purchased my chillax earrings and because I was so happy and grateful, I have given her a free gift!
The free gift is a feather brooch. (post pics of it later)I am still trying to fine tune my skills with brooches and feathers...furry things they are...but fun!!! fascination!!!! o.o haahaha!! Well, she is all the way in rhode island and I have made the envelope out of a paper bag and it is filled with shredded newspaper. And the earrings and brooch are wrapped in scrap fabric and yarn. All recycled and a happy day for everyone! I hope. I'm actually a little paranoid bc I have not yet tried sending anything with newspaper filling and I am scared the brooch might not survive... :( I hope it does. I have tried my best to stuff that envelope with newspaper and keep the stuff cushioned but also so that it wont ruin the earrings and brooch. Oh and I didn't know that paypal took off money from my sales....hmmm...rada....oh well!! I hope that I gain more customers!! Yay to the future!!! Now to sleep...3:18AM...-.-;

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