Thursday, September 2, 2010

Money Saving Etiquette

I love to save money. Who doesn't? When I buy things that are a lot cheaper than the normal price I just love it. Such as when I go to the thrift store and I find something really awesome for a dollar I get so excited that I just want to scream to the world! But as much as I love to save money, I think that people should follow some etiquette while saving.

I stopped by a Walgreens the other day to quickly buy some medicine for my mom. I was planning on going in and out as fast as possible because I just came from Fresh & Easy and had some perishables in my car. It was probably smarter for me to go to Walgreens first but I didn't think that going to Walgreens would take too long. Pfft...Wrong! I walk into the store and at the register I see a lady with her kids checking their items out. She seemed to be the only one in line and the store was definitely not busy at all. I quickly walk over to get the medicine and walk back to the front where the registers were. The lady and her kids were still there but her kids were frantically running back and forth from register to the middle of the store. I quickly found out that the lady was sending her kids to find some clearance items that were posted in the Walgreens' newsletter. She was shopping at the register!!!! And she didn't even rip out the coupons that she needed! She just pointed them out to the clerk and if an item that her kids brought to her were the wrong items, she would send them back to find the right ones that were on sale. Daaah!!!! I thought about just leaving the medicine there and going to a CVS that was also on the way home but I thought she was done. A line started to form and a lady who just wanted to buy some candy groaned aloud, slammed the candy on the desk and stormed out. She finally finished and I bought my item in about a minute or less and I was out the door.

Moral of the story is: Save money when you can, but be courteous about it. Don't shop right there at the register! Find out exactly each item that you need and check that it is on sale instead of sending your minions to find each item for you. And cut out the coupons before getting to the register!!!! And love the sinner but hate the sin. This, I would say, was a sin in saving money. Guuhhh........ Bah...and I also should have just left right when I noticed what she was doing. Another lesson to learn--> read the signs.
I'm gonna go relax and look at my awesome one dollar mumu that I turned into a cute apron. Going to put that up soon! :)