Monday, August 23, 2010

Fail Sunday Grilling

Yesterday I attempted to cook on the grill by myself. That wasn't a problem because I had all the food prepped to cook on the grill. The only issue and it will always be the only issue, is getting the grill started. I told my sister not to get any lighter fluid because everyone says it gives a nasty taste if used wrong. So, I said, "Just coal. No lighter fluid. I'm gonna do this naturally." And then there I the backyard...with my dried pine needles, one pine cone, and the briquettes. Did it start? Well, the pine needles caught fire and burned...out. So I tried sticking in some scratch paper and lit that. That burned but didn't do anything to the briquettes. I went online and someone said, if desperate, use vegetable oil on the papers. So I did and it sort of burned longer but still not good enough. Close to being an hour and all I had were a bunch of small bits of flames here and there and lots of continuous smoke. Every time I heard a fire truck and sirens I was so scared it was for me. I was going to give up because it was close to 3pm and I had to get to my cousin's birthday party. But my dad wasn't home and we couldn't leave our mom alone so I just kept at it. Dad finally arrived and all I still had was smoke. But he had to leave for another appointment and then yelled at us to stop that smoke. So...that is how my day ended. End.
I am currently in the process of ordering a chimney starter. I pray pray pray it will work.
Since grilling was not going to happen I just cooked up the chicken and vegetables in the oven.

And then I made fail mac and cheese. It was too dry. Eww ew ewewew....ew. Ended up just heating it up again individually in the oven with milk in it. Sort of helped.

I should have said this on Aug. 20 but its better late than never, right?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3 Nature's birthday "balloons" from my backyard. :)

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Fruit Floes said...

Thank you !!!!! Yeah almost my next birthday