Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Wonderful Sunday

Today was a nice day! I went to mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe and after mass a nonprofit organization was selling jewelry and crafts made from third world countries.
So, I bought some. Firstly, because I didn't bring any cash for donation during mass and was unable to donate and secondly, they were neat!

They are called "Third World Gifts & Handarts"
I think they said that it was started by a priest back, "in 1975 to assist artisans and their families in several nations including the U.S."
I bought two handmade necklaces made from Uganda. The beads are made with recycled paper. I thought they were quite cute and pretty!

Wish I could take better pictures of them.

Also, today I have made another sale! I think she came from Facebook because I saw she just opened her etsy account today. Hurray! These are the earrings I sold:

I have packed it up for her in a nice white cloth that my friend gave to me.

I use mostly recycled materials to send my items. I save the paper bags from grocery stores and use newspaper and magazines for the stuffing to add cushion.

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Fruit Floes said...

yeah another sale !!!!