Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chick Water and Feed Bowl Tutorial

RIP to Sophie...she was my cousin's beautiful Americauna chick. She was so cute and lovely. She followed my cousin around and would fall asleep right her the palm of her hand. :( She died this morning. Farewell, oh wonderful creature of God!! We will miss you even though you were with us only for a few days.

On a happier note:
I want to introduce our new chick! Her name is Popeye and she is a Red Star!! My mom named her Popeye so that she can be strong haha!! She is one of the chicks that we really wanted and we made a trip all the way up to Blue Hill Farms in Ventura, CA from Orange County just to retrieve her! Yay!!

So, I only have 3 chicks and I didn't think I needed to buy the long feeder. Instead I decided to make my own with water bottles! It works fairly well, a lot better than just little bowls or plates.

-sharp knife
-sharp scissors
-lighter, long or small lighters
-water bottle(around 0.9 fl oz)

Then cut the top of the bottle. You might want to cut a bit higher, just below the neck of the bottle. That way you don't get the opening to be too wide. This will be the top portion of the bowl.

Now cut the bottom of the bottle just so it is about 2.5 inches. This is the base of the bowl.

Back to the top and cut around 1.5-2 inches below.

Cut any fray plastic pieces.

Now get the lighter and if you have the option, set it to the lowest flame. Use the blue part of the flame and melt the edge of the bowl rim of the top. This is to soften the edges so that the chicks don't hurt them selves while trying to get at the water or starter feed. You really only need to do this to the bowl rim.

Now try to piece the two together. You might have to fold a part of the bottom portion so that the top can fit and also maybe cut the top and bottom parts a bit so that it isn't too high so that the chicks don't have a hard time getting at whatever they need.

Now fill it with water and feed!! Make sure you only put enough water in the bowl so that it won't spill out. Only fill up to however high the base goes. If you go any higher than the base part is, the water will just spill out.

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