Thursday, June 10, 2010


We have 2 new additions to our family today. 2 baby chicks! Both female and a few days old. We have guessed about 4 days and we were told they have been vaccinated. Welcome home babies!!

The black one is an Australorp. It is an Australian breed and it is supposed to be quiet, docile, bears confinement well, and great with others. It is also a great egg layer! Soon in about a couple months we shall have fresh organic eggs everyday!!
My sister has christianed her Dido(dee-do). She is actually quite loud at the moment and is adventurous.

The yellow one is a Brahma female chick. They too are very quiet, docile, bears confinement well, and quite motherly. :) Lays eggs moderately. I have christianed her Celia. She is very calm and goes to sleep well.

I will post more pictures tomorrow! These pictures definitely do not do them justice.

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