Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caramel Apples Outta Shape

I wanted to make a cute treat for halloween and I thought of caramel apples! But I don't like caramel as much so I made a healthy version and the original caramel version with a little twist. I just cut out the halloween shapes from apple slices, skip the caramel and cover the apples in lemon juice to keep it from oxidizing and put them on toothpicks. I got these cut outs from Sur La Table. The cat and the ghost cut outs were $1 and were the only big ones that would fit on an apple slice. The other small ones were part of a fall set and were about $4 bucks.

And for the original caramel apple v.2! I had a kit that my cousins gave to me a while back and finally decided it was time to make some. But this time I wanted to try it a bit differently. Instead of using the caramel apple whole, I decided to try cutting out shapes from slices of granny apples. I then sprinkled some sea salt on top for extra flavor. It was a bit of a fail because the caramel doesn't stick to the sliced and peeled apples because it is too moist for it to hold on. But I think if I could get around that it would be so perfect and cute! Anyone have ideas on how to make it happen?


Joann said...

oh my gosh this looks yummy

The Jaracz Family said...

Love this idea!!! Caramel apples are nice, but they're just too big! I'll have to try that. Thanks & God Bless. :)